Mamma Chia!

It seems that I post mostly on wednesdays due to WIAW.  I am trying to post more, but usually lack interesting things to talk about.  That is different today, because I have a review of a VERY good drink to give.  Let me introduce you to Mamma Chia; a delicious, healthy, lightly sweetened drink!

Mamma Chia sent me some coupons to give their highly raved drink a try.  First sip,  I was a little thrown off by the gel texture, but as soon as I gave it a few more sips I developed a liking for the chia seeded and couldn’t get enough.  I tried 3 different flavors (that’s all I could find from my local Whole Foods, but I plan on trying the 4th flavor!); Cherry Lime, Raspberry Passion, and Cranberry Lemonade.  My favorite would probably have to be the cherry lime because of the slightly sweeter taste.

Overall,  I was very impressed with the nutritional stats (posted below) and how they weren’t too sweet.  They are very refreshing drink to have any time of the day, really.  I definitely recommend buying them at your local market!

Nutritional Stats:

      2000mg Omega-3
      Excellent Source of Fiber
      High in Antioxidants
      4g Complete Protein
       95mg Calcium
       Lightly Sweetened
       Gluten-Free & Vegan

Check out Christin’s giveaway over at Purple Bird Blog!





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3 responses to “Mamma Chia!

  1. Cool! Thanks for the review! I’ve never heard of that drink before, but the flavors sound great 🙂

  2. Interesting! I still have never tried chia seeds. I’m not sure if I would be into the gel consistency of the drink but I might give it a try if I see them!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, my dear!! 😀

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