It’s that time of the week again……time to partaaayyy with some WIAW!!!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!

Here are some eats from today…


Granola Bar

Spinach, bocca meatless crumbles, carrots, salsa, and laughing cow cheese wedge.  (Looks very unappetizing but oh was it good!)

La Croix sparkling water.  (This stuff is addicting….beware)

Another delicious apple.  I love apples and you know what they say….”An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”


Well that’s all I have for today, happy WIAW!



About lovemesomeoats

Lauren. I love oatmeal.

2 responses to “WIAW 7

  1. I was obsessed with Oats N Honey bars when I was younger, but I haven’t had one in years!

  2. I love apples too and often eat two a day. 🙂 I LOOOVEED those Oats n Honey bars when I was younger.. actually I still do. But they arent sold here in Germany 😦

    Happy WIAW!

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