WIAW Round 4 and LARABAR Review

Happy November!  Can you believe it’s already November?   It’s that time of the week again, WIAW, hosted by the wonderful Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!   I bring you another boring interesting post of my recent eats….

Chocolate overnight oats with frozen banana.

Trader Joe’s Fat Free Refried Beans and Grilled Asparagus. 

Baked Tofu, baked green beans with ketchup for dipping, and Trader Joe’s fat free refried beans.

Grilled Asparagus; corn tortillas with laughing cow cheese wedge and salsa.

Pumpkin pie smoothie, recipe adapted from Leanne over at Healthful Pursuit

LARABAR recently sent me some bars to review.  I haven’t really posted much about my love for LARABAR’S here, but let me just say I am truly in love with them.  It’s kinda of scary….or not?

Anyways, they sent me 4 different, delicious, flavors to try.  They were: Cashew Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Blueberry Muffin, and Chocolate Coconut .   Here is what I thought on each flavor….

Cashew Cookie- 5/5 Very moist and delicious with actual cashew taste.

Blueberry Muffin- 5/5  Moist and delicious (again).  This one probably was my favorite.  I liked the blueberry date flavor it had and really enjoyed eating it.

Chocolate Coconut- 3/5  I found this to be a tad dry.  It tasted alright, but wasn’t my favorite

Peanut Butter Cookie- 3/5 Again, like the chocolate coconut, was a bit too try for my tastes.  I was actually looking forward to this one the most considering my love for peanut butter but was a bit disappointed with its dryness.  Although, the overall taste was good.

Thank you LARABAR for sending the bars my way!


Mamma Chia!

It seems that I post mostly on wednesdays due to WIAW.  I am trying to post more, but usually lack interesting things to talk about.  That is different today, because I have a review of a VERY good drink to give.  Let me introduce you to Mamma Chia; a delicious, healthy, lightly sweetened drink!

Mamma Chia sent me some coupons to give their highly raved drink a try.  First sip,  I was a little thrown off by the gel texture, but as soon as I gave it a few more sips I developed a liking for the chia seeded and couldn’t get enough.  I tried 3 different flavors (that’s all I could find from my local Whole Foods, but I plan on trying the 4th flavor!); Cherry Lime, Raspberry Passion, and Cranberry Lemonade.  My favorite would probably have to be the cherry lime because of the slightly sweeter taste.

Overall,  I was very impressed with the nutritional stats (posted below) and how they weren’t too sweet.  They are very refreshing drink to have any time of the day, really.  I definitely recommend buying them at your local market!

Nutritional Stats:

      2000mg Omega-3
      Excellent Source of Fiber
      High in Antioxidants
      4g Complete Protein
       95mg Calcium
       Lightly Sweetened
       Gluten-Free & Vegan

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WIAW 3 and NuNaturals Review

Guess what today is??  Wednesday!  So what does that mean?  WIAW!  Hosted by the amazing Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.

Here are some random eats I have been eating recently.  I still am lacking the skills in documenting all of one days eats so bare with me here.

Blueberry, pineapple, and strawberry smoothie.  Deliciousness in a cup?  Check.

Flatbread with salsa, laughing cow cheese, and pepperoni; all grilled on George Foreman.

Spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce with cooked squash.  Side of tea.

Spaghetti Squash with spaghetti sauce.  Whoever discovered this amazing substitute deserves major kudos.  

Apple Pie in a bowl.  (Sooo good, recipe below)

NuNaturals Review!

The wonderful people over at NuNaturals sent me some of their products to give a try.

I was sent…..

-NuStevia Packets

       -NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tabs

       -Pure Liquid Alcohol Free Stevia

       -Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia

       -Pure Liquid Cocoa Bean Extract 

       -MoreFiber Baking Blend

I have just started using stevia as a substitute for sugar and am definitely loving NuNaturals.  I have used the liquid stevia in pretty much everything; oatmeal, smoothies, microwave muffins, cookies, etc.  I love how a little goes a long way.  The NuStevia packets are really good to use in coffee and other drinks that you want to sweeten.  MoreFiber Baking Blend is excellent for when you are baking goodies and don’t want all that extra sugar!  Lastly,  I really like how it doesn’t have a strange bitter after taste like I have experienced with other sugar substitutes.  If you happen to see it in a store nearby, I definitely recommend buying NuNaturals, so worth it!

For those living in the US and want to give NuNaturals a try, you can request a free sample from their website.

“Send a self addressed stamped #10 size envelope (this is a 4.125 x 9.5 inch envelope addressed to you at your address with a 44 cent stamp put on it) to our address shown below.”


2220 West 2nd Ave Ste #1

Eugene, OR 97402

Apple Pie in a bowl recipe:

This seriously is the best thing ever, and considering I don’t have any of the ingredients to make an actual apple pie, this definitely feeds my cravings.

2 small apples, chopped.

1/2 cup milk.  (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

4-6 drops vanilla stevia.  (optional)

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and give it a quick stir so the apples get fully coated in mixture.  Place the bowl into the microwave and microwave for 3 mins.  Take it out and let it sit for 5 min to let the apples really soak up the mixture.  Then eat!


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WIAW, Product Review, and Recipe!

It’s that time of the week again!  Well actually its really the only time that I ever really blog, need to work on that.  Anyways my WIAW is as follows…..


Pumpkin Granola (Recipe at end of post)


Chicken salad made with greek yogurt along with  lettuce, carrots, and cherry tomatoes thrown into the mix.  


Another veggie burger with baked green beans and ketchup for dipping.

Product Review

The wonderful people at ZonePerfect sent me their new Sweet and Salty Cashew Pretzel bar to try.   I was super excited to give it a  taste, because I have seen so many people always purchase there bars and talk about how much they love them.  My overall review of their new Sweet and Salty Cashew Pretzel is that it is delicious!  It has that salty taste from the cashews but with a hint of sweetness.  Along with its great taste, it also provides 10 grams of protein!

I would definitely consider buying it at the store if I saw it on the shelves!  Thanks ZonePerfect!

Pumpkin Granola Recipe!


1 cup Rolled Oats

3 T Pumpkin Butter (I used the one from Trader Joe’s) 

Preheat oven to 325.

Spray a pan with cooking spray.

Combine rolled oats and pumpkin butter in a bowl and mix well.

Place mixture on pan and bake for 15-20 mins, turning over after 10 min (or as needed).

Eat and enjoy!!!

Let’s do this!

WIAW round 2!  This week’s WIAW is a little more accurate compared to last weeks.  I am slowly getting the hang of the whole blogging idea.  Without further ado, my eats….


Banana oatmeal (recycled photo)


Chicken with peppers, salsa, cherry tomatoes, and garlic.  Looks disgusting but I promise you, it really wasn’t.

Post run workout shake:

Vanilla protein powder, almond milk, xanthan gum, water, and ice.


Two corn tortillas with laughing cow cheese wedge, salsa, and chicken.  Cherry tomatoes.


Chocolate chip pumpkin microwave muffin.  Recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Well that’s my WIAW round 2!

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What I ate (sorta) Wednesday 1!

So, this is my first time participating in Jen’s amazing WIAW!  I am excited to try this out and see if I can keep it up each week.  The accuracy in today’s WIAW is a little lacking but here is to my first attempt!


Overnight oats with vanilla protein powder


Corn tortilla with Laughing Cow Cheese wedge and Boca Meat Crumbles.  Side of carrots.


Insert apple the size of my head.


Spinach and pepper stir-fry with veggie burger on top.  Side of carrots.  

Late night snack

Insert Trader Joe’s Ginger Chews and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara Bar.


This is pretty much what I ate.  Of course there are always the undocumented eats, but i’ll share that another time.


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I really need something interesting to say

I can never think of things to blog about.  I am always reading others blogs and am always so entertained by their daily yet I can’t think up something creative myself.  Well here is another random eats post.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage, cherry tomatoes, and carrots.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage on bread with ketchup; cooked spinach with garlic.

Blueberry Pancakes eaten on the go. (Recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie)  They were really good, I definitely recommend them!

Veggie stir fry with more Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage.  I’m a creature of habit with my chicken sausage.  


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